October 14, 2013

The Ramones T-Shirt Series III

GLAM IT UP. So here is the third installment of “The Ramones T-Shirt Series”. I blatantly took inspiration from the 80s glam rock movement. Even though one might argue that The Ramones’ music and attitude don’t really go together with anything that’s glam and glitter, I do think that from a fashion point of view punk rock and glam rock can build a very interesting synergy. 80s glam rock bands, particularly Hanoi Rocks, have always fascinated me. It really takes some guts to make such bold fashion choices and sport crazy hairstyles that are heavy on the teasing and hairspray. After all, not every man thinks that it’s a good idea to wear glittery suit jackets, animal print vests, and tighter-than-tight leather pants in every colour of the rainbow. Quite frankly, not every man should wear it, either. Some men, like for instance Michael Monroe or Andy McCoy, simply own this look and you see that it’s a reflection of their personal lifestyle as well as their on-stage persona. Thumbs up!

Sorry for being quiet this week, but I was really swamped with assignments and readings for Uni and we couldn’t make any time to shoot. Also, the lousy London autumn weather wasn’t exactly on our side as it was stormy and rained pretty much all day every day. Perhaps I should write a post where I tell you a bit more about my master programme and the modules I’m taking. I guess it would help to clarify what exactly it is that I’m doing here in London.

If you haven’t seen the first two installments yet, check them out here and here.



T-SHIRT: Bershka
PANTS: Gina Tricot


Photos by Panu Kuuluvainen

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