September 25, 2013

The Ramones T-Shirt Series II

UNDER WESTWAY. And here is the second instalment of The Ramones T-shirt Series. This time my beloved girly tutu dress got out to play, which doesn’t happen as often as it probably would like to. Mixing styles is always a bit of an adventure, but when I thought about possible outfits with the band shirt this girlish dress came to mind immediately. Not only is it a stunning piece of clothing, but it also reminds me of my ballet days and makes me want to swirl around like a little girl (and consequently makes me look like a crazy person). Unfortunately, there is the danger of looking like a little girl as well.

To balance it out and avoid looking like a four-year-old, I added a black leather jacket and studded boots to the tutu dress & band t-shirt equation. Clearly, the look would not have been complete without my favourite beanie. We shot most of the pictures under London’s Westway, which makes for beautiful shapes and surprising settings.

If you haven’t seen the first instalment of the series yet, check it out here.




T-SHIRT: Bershka
BEANIE: Pieces
NAIL POLISH: Chanel 491


Photos by Panu Kuuluvainen

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