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August 10, 2014

Lipstick Love


LIPSTICK SHADES. You have probably noticed my recent obsession with lipsticks. It’s not that my love for bold lips is any news, but there was a time when I preferred a light gloss in neutral shades, because it needs a lot less maintenance throughout the day. But somehow I rediscovered the beauty of a strong lip and make that extra effort to put some lipstick on. I like to keep my daily makeup routine very simple and natural. Usually, I only use a light powder, black mascara and a bronzer to define my cheekbones. But often an extra pop of lip colour can really make all the difference and helps to look more put together.

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March 12, 2014

Shopping in Beijing: DLYANG COAT

CHINESE DESIGNERS. Back in December, when I was in Beijing for a field trip with my university (note to self: finally edit and publish pictures from that trip!), we visited the 789 Art Zone to soak in some contemporary as well as traditional Chinese art and culture. The complex is huge, so unfortunately, we didn’t nearly have enough time to see all the galleries, shops, and performance spaces the decommissioned military factory buildings house. But I did have time to buy this gorgeous coat by the emerging Shanghainese designer DLYANG, which I found in this beautiful store decorated with white-painted branches. I love everything about this coat: the shape, the unconventional structure, the leather details and definitely the black/grey colour combination. It’s so versatile to wear – almost like two coats in one. If you’re visiting the 789 district, make sure to pop by this gem which is tucked away in one of the charming alleys.

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September 10, 2013

Roadtrip to Rügen, Germany

BALTIC SEA. As a child I often spent my family holidays in Northern Germany at the Baltic Sea. The days there were filled with building countless sandcastles, collecting all sorts of shells and swimming in the sea hoping for the waves to get bigger and higher. Especially Rügen, which is Germany’s largest island, with its beautiful landscape, sandy beaches and lagoons, brings back very fond memories. Although I love the sea, I do not necessarily like lounging on the beach. Since I prefer my skin to be pale and try my hardest to avoid staying in the sun for too long, I am always opting for a shadowy place. This usually causes a lot of amusement amongst my friends and family. Sentences such as “Oh look! The ghost is approaching!” or “Lydia, you are paler than the sand on this beach – camouflage much?” are all way too familiar.

During our five days in Binz, we took advantage of the beautiful pier and Kurhaus for a shoot. It was usually completely packed during the day, so we opted for waking up early and shot during sunrise. I took the colours of the sea as an inspiration and decided to wear a cobalt blue jumpsuit, which I accessorised with gold jewellery. In retrospect I should have added a belt to give the outfit a bit more shape and to create a more put-together look. However, I think the photos turned out nicely and hopefully you agree.

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September 6, 2013

The Gravel Pit

GRAVEL PIT. Let’s be honest, I always wanted to play in a massive sandpit. Finally, my dream came true and I got to slide down hill after hill in a gravel pit we found near Kivijärvi, Eastern Finland. Though, I must admit that my choice of white ripped shorts was not the most appropriate for the occasion, but it was definitely worth it considering the fun we had taking these shots. Back in Barcelona I wore an outfit quite similar to the one in this shoot, but this time I combined it with my Converse shoes and white ripped shorts to give the look a sporty touch.

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September 3, 2013

Birthday Celebrations

BIRTHDAYS. There is always something magical about birthdays. Of course, I enjoy my own birthdays, but what I love most is preparing the birthday of a loved one. From brainstorming ideas for gifts, picking a birthday card and flowers, baking a cake, to planning the day with special activities and small surprises. I do appreciate receiving gifts (who doesn’t anyway?), but for me it is equally if not more rewarding to see the smile and the surprised look in my loved one’s eyes when he/she opens the present I have carefully selected and wrapped with excitement.

Choosing an outfit for the occasion itself can be a bit tricky. You want it to be something special, but not too over the top if you celebrate a birthday in question in a casual way. The summery weather still keeps us waiting here in England, but on that day it was actually quite warm and sunny. When the sun came out the decision was made in an instant: a dress. This sea inspired dress from Zara seemed perfect because of its light pattern with colours that make you think of the ocean, beaches, and summer. I love the shiny and almost stiff fabric as it keeps the shape of the dress even after wearing it multiple times. To give the outfit an edgier look I wore my beloved leather jacket on top and chose a pair of ballerinas with a metal toe cap over delicate high heels – also because there was a decent amount of walking to be done on that day.

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