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November 25, 2014

On Repeat


INDIE POP. It’s no secret that Finland is known as the land of metal and rock music. And while this very fact is exactly what I love about the music scene there, it’s good to come across a fun pop act with international appeal once in a while. Case in point: Finnish/French indie pop duo The Dø. I can’t believe that I haven’t heard of them before, but better late than never. I highly recommend you give their new album Shake Shook Shaken a listen. And if you live in France, Switzerland or Belgium then you’re in luck, because Olivia and Dan are on tour throughout December.

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September 27, 2014

On Repeat


FINNISH FOLK. Still in need of a nice tune for the weekend? Then check out up-and-coming Finnish singer/songwriter Eetu Floor‘s new album Ystävät (Friends) and let yourself transport into a mellow soundscape with sweet melodies and an absolutely stunning voice. His song Kotitalo (Home) is my favourite up-tempo number, but make sure to listen to the entire album. You can find it both on iTunes and Spotify. Unfortunately, I am not able to go to his record release on the 4th October as I’m in London, but if you’re in Helsinki next Saturday, grab a ticket to his show. Enjoy your weekend!

September 26, 2014


FOG ON THE ROCKS. Tadaa… here is a new set of photos that I am especially proud of. We wanted to try something else for a change and go all arty. Colourful smoke? Yes, please! During our days somewhere in the Finnish woods we had some time on our hands and had the chance to experiment a little. Not only with the smoke, but also with a new lens. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

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September 3, 2014

Bye Bye Summer


THROWBACK. While going through my picture archives from last summer, I found these images that I never got to post. I guess I never did, because they don’t really show an outfit or are that special. But they capture the perfect laid-back summer cabin mood when no one has a worry in the world. We shot them during midsummer in Finland and looking at these images makes me instantly want to take the next plane to Helsinki, hop in a car and drive off to a summer cottage. Luckily this is exactly what’s gonna happen next week. I only need a little bit more patience. Yay to that!

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January 22, 2014

Klaus K Hotel in Helsinki

HELSINKI RETREAT. This is just a quick update, because I’m in the midst of revision for my last exam tomorrow. Wish me luck! Can’t wait to get back to social life and spend much needed quality time with friends. Of course, plans for tomorrow are made already: going out with a couple of friends to celebrate me surviving uni madness (aka the end of this semester) with food, drinks, and dancing. So bare with me for now, I’m gonna publish a proper outfit post later this week.

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September 6, 2013

The Gravel Pit

GRAVEL PIT. Let’s be honest, I always wanted to play in a massive sandpit. Finally, my dream came true and I got to slide down hill after hill in a gravel pit we found near Kivijärvi, Eastern Finland. Though, I must admit that my choice of white ripped shorts was not the most appropriate for the occasion, but it was definitely worth it considering the fun we had taking these shots. Back in Barcelona I wore an outfit quite similar to the one in this shoot, but this time I combined it with my Converse shoes and white ripped shorts to give the look a sporty touch.

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September 5, 2013

Midsummer in Mustio

MIDSUMMER. That time of the year in Finland when the sun is up all day round, city dwellers pack their stuff and leave for a long weekend at summer cottages in the beautiful Finnish nature with family or friends. Usually that special weekend in the end of June is a combination of plenty of good food and drinks, sauna sessions, dips in a lake, and a roaring bonfire while folk music is playing in the background. Your typical cottage attire could be described as extremely comfortable and under normal circumstances completely unacceptable. However, one is in the wild now, where anything (no matter how hideous) goes. This year I decided to show the Finns that it is possible to remain comfortable yet stylish even in the woods.

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