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December 18, 2013

The Cape And The Church

THE CAPE. Gosh, it’s been cold in London lately. Nowadays our bathtub is my very best friend who I turn to when I get home whining, shivering, and with completely frozen feet. I seriously don’t know what I would do without it. I must admit that dressing up appropriately for cold weather isn’t my strongest suit, mainly because of my wardrobe’s massive lack of winter attire. Same goes for the shoes to be honest. I would be the first person you see out in the snow with open toe heels. Many times have I listened to speeches of concerned friends warning me to dress according to the season. They all failed miserably. But lo and behold, I have a positive message to all of them: I came across a gorgeous woolen cape by Ted Baker. Not only is it very chic with its embellishments on the collar, it’s also warm (but only when you wear it with a jacket underneath, otherwise it’s still cold as hell). It’s not exactly the perfect cape for the Finnish winter, but here in London it will have to do.

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October 16, 2013

Inspired by a Ladybug

RED AND THEN SOME DOTS. I guess the title says it all. Whenever I wear red dresses, which honestly only happens so often, I have the urge to combine them with polka dot tights. Actually, I’ve sported this kind of outfit on couple of dates. Judging by the outcome of both of them I probably shouldn’t go for this combination anymore. Are men intimidated by red and polka dots? Are men intimidated by ladybugs? However that may be, I do love the combination and see no reason to put a hold on this look.

You also probably noticed that I’ve done something with my hair, which honestly only happens so often as well. Most of the time I just wear my hair down. Often do I get asked how many hours I need to straighten it. The truth is that I have not a single curl or even the tiniest wave in my hair. On a normal day I don’t spend more than 30 seconds on my hairdo. In fact, I only brush it and that’s it. Alright, occasionally there is the odd ponytail or bun, but I’m not good at hairdos that require a lot of patience. Too much fussing and, to say it outright, my arms simply start hurting as soon as I hold them up for more than 20 seconds – or even less. Long story short, this time I wanted to try wet look, which I hear is super trendy. It’s simple enough to do within less than a minute and I think it’s a perfect way to spice up my usual hairdo.

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September 30, 2013

A Walk In Holland Park

SEQUINS AND FLUFF. Lately I’ve been having fun experimenting with textures and materials. This look, which I’ve worn on Sunday for an afternoon stroll in Holland Park, is defined by a mixture of sequins, leather, and fluffy fabric. Speaking of having fun… the same goes for my make up routine, which I try to extend by using bright lipsticks to add the extra oomph to a look. This almost baby pink lipstick YSL Rouge Volupté 7 gives a wonderful contrast to the otherwise all black outfit – without looking too much like Barbie.

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September 25, 2013

The Ramones T-Shirt Series II

UNDER WESTWAY. And here is the second instalment of The Ramones T-shirt Series. This time my beloved girly tutu dress got out to play, which doesn’t happen as often as it probably would like to. Mixing styles is always a bit of an adventure, but when I thought about possible outfits with the band shirt this girlish dress came to mind immediately. Not only is it a stunning piece of clothing, but it also reminds me of my ballet days and makes me want to swirl around like a little girl (and consequently makes me look like a crazy person). Unfortunately, there is the danger of looking like a little girl as well.

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September 3, 2013

Birthday Celebrations

BIRTHDAYS. There is always something magical about birthdays. Of course, I enjoy my own birthdays, but what I love most is preparing the birthday of a loved one. From brainstorming ideas for gifts, picking a birthday card and flowers, baking a cake, to planning the day with special activities and small surprises. I do appreciate receiving gifts (who doesn’t anyway?), but for me it is equally if not more rewarding to see the smile and the surprised look in my loved one’s eyes when he/she opens the present I have carefully selected and wrapped with excitement.

Choosing an outfit for the occasion itself can be a bit tricky. You want it to be something special, but not too over the top if you celebrate a birthday in question in a casual way. The summery weather still keeps us waiting here in England, but on that day it was actually quite warm and sunny. When the sun came out the decision was made in an instant: a dress. This sea inspired dress from Zara seemed perfect because of its light pattern with colours that make you think of the ocean, beaches, and summer. I love the shiny and almost stiff fabric as it keeps the shape of the dress even after wearing it multiple times. To give the outfit an edgier look I wore my beloved leather jacket on top and chose a pair of ballerinas with a metal toe cap over delicate high heels – also because there was a decent amount of walking to be done on that day.

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