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November 8, 2013

By the Sea in Greece

THE BEACHES OF ATHENS. We couldn’t have possibly left Greece without having been to the sea. I don’t know about you, but I for my part need some element of water in the city I live in, whether it’s the sea, a river or a lake. While I can’t really say that the city beaches of Athens are a traveller’s paradise, it is still wonderful to sit on the rocks and enjoy the sunset. And that is exactly what we did.

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October 21, 2013

Ruby Shades

SPORTY SPICE. Usually sporty outfits make me feel a bit uncomfortable and well, under-dressed when worn outside the gym or climbing hall. In addition, my fear of sweatpants reached its peak while in Finland, where people would wear them just about anywhere and find it absolutely appropriate. Yes, I do understand that sweatpants are comfortable and all, but do you really have to wear them while grocery shopping or running errands in town? Can’t people put on a pair of jeans instead? What is it with sweatpants that are also usually completely torn up and holey? You can only imagine what a bunch of contradicting thoughts came to my mind when I saw these red pants in the store. Yet, I had to get them. In their defence, and ultimately in mine, they are made of a wonderful silky fabric and anyway, who can say no to a pair of comfortable bright red pants with blue stripes on the side? I couldn’t. Have I crossed over to the dark side?

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September 3, 2013

Road Trip Spain

ROAD TRIPS. I have been to Barcelona before, to be exact for the New Year’s celebrations back in 2008/2009. Unfortunately, the memories are not all that great considering that – cliché – my purse got stolen at a party on New Year’s Eve. You can imagine that after this incident the rest of my stay was less than amazing. However, the city still worked its charm on me. I wanted to come back for better experiences, that much I was sure of. This year the opportunity finally came with a visit to the Primavera Sound festival, which coincidentally was organised on the weekend of my birthday. How better celebrate it than with great tunes under the sun in Spain? Or so I thought.

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