November 27, 2014


A DREAM COME TRUE. I can’t even tell you for how long I’ve been lusting over platinum blonde hair. I’ve always liked to experiment with different cuts and colours. And yes, of course I also went through a troubled teenage phase where all I wanted was a head of dreadlocks. You can imagine that my mom was less than thrilled. It’s safe to say that she hasn’t been that shocked in like ever when she first saw the mess on my head she once called hair. But I didn’t give her (or my ballet teacher for that matter) a break – no, nope. From then on I regularly sported pretty much every colour you can imagine.

After my alternative/punk phase I got rid of my dreads. Three of my friends combed them out and all I was left with was a pretty irritated scalp, a massive ball of hair and some sort of a hair colour that resembled a rainbow (and not in a good way). Long story short, as I entered what I call my goth phase, I went for the whole Snow White look and dyed my hair black. Once that phase came to an end I have gradually gone back to blonde. Oh how taste and style preferences change over the years!

So now, finally, I’ve gone platinum blonde. Yay! I couldn’t be any happier with the outcome. It was a lot of work for the hairdresser though. He spent 5 hours to get to the right shade, but in the end we agreed that it was all worth it. How about you? Yay or nay?



LACE TOP: Gina Tricot
BOOTS: Topshop


Photos by Panu Kuuluvainen

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