Meet Lydia from Eldoradobaby

I am Lydia Kirschstein, the voice and face of the blog Eldoradobaby, which was created in 2013 to document my personal style and share inspirational content with an audience that indulges in the same passions as I do.

Being German born and raised, I moved to Finland after high school following my dream to explore new countries and cultures. What was originally planned as a one-year adventure, ended up with me staying for almost eight years after having fallen utterly in love with Helsinki and the Finnish culture. Not for all of the eight years was I in Finland though, as the trip took me even further to spend a magnificent year in Hong Kong and Seoul.

Currently, I live in London, where I just finished my MA Music Industry Management studies. Living in such a vibrant city constantly inspires me to try new things that I wish to share in my own online space. Welcome to my diary, where I invite you to follow me on my personal style journey, explore new music with me and accompany me on exciting travel adventures!