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October 31, 2013

Second Day in Athens

SUNSET FUN. I have yet to tell you so much about our Athens weekend getaway. On Saturday my boyfriend and I celebrated our one year anniversary. We wanted the entire day to be very relaxing without any stressful planning and the focus being on spending quality time together. After sleeping late we headed out to the city for lunch and strolled through the streets of Athens up the hill to visit the ancient Acropolis. Unfortunately, it had closed much earlier than we thought and so we enjoyed the sunset on the nearby rocks instead. And oh how beautiful it was! The sun stained the entire city with a stunning golden light – it was breathtakingly beautiful. Afterwards, while getting changed for dinner at the hotel room we took a moment to celebrate the occasion with some champagne and chocolate. Perfect aperitif for an even more perfect night if you ask me. I’m gonna tell you more about the restaurant in a separate post, though.

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October 27, 2013

Hello from Athens

WEEKEND GETAWAY. Athens is amazing! It really is. At least from what I’ve seen and experienced during our first two days here. After leaving rainy London behind early Friday morning it was so pleasant to sit on our hotel’s terrace four hours later and enjoy the sun like it was summer. We actually had to move to another table, because the heat was almost unbearable. But first things first. I should probably introduce you to the hotel we’re staying at. We picked New Hotel as its concept sounded very interesting and the interior shown on the hotel’s webpages seemed special. And it does not disappoint. Entering the lobby we were greeted with a warm welcome by the staff and were handed refreshments. While checking in, I couldn’t take my eyes off the interior and I felt like being part of one big art installation thanks to designers Fernando and Humberto Campana. The interior is custom-made and it features remnants of the former Olympic Palace Hotel. So far we truly enjoyed our stay here.

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October 25, 2013

Autumn Procrastination

OFF TO ATHENS. In a last minute attempt to change our initial (and boring) plan to go to Paris to celebrate a cheesy-kitschy one year anniversary with my boyfriend, I proposed to head to Athens instead. One of the main reasons being that the weather is so much better there – sunshine every day and up to 24 degrees! Moreover, I haven’t really been in Athens before, so it seemed like a sensible idea. We’re gonna stay for four days and I couldn’t be more thrilled. So be prepared for lots of pictures and reviews in the coming days. I would be happy if any of you have recommendations on where to go and what to see, so please feel free to comment.

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October 21, 2013

Ruby Shades

SPORTY SPICE. Usually sporty outfits make me feel a bit uncomfortable and well, under-dressed when worn outside the gym or climbing hall. In addition, my fear of sweatpants reached its peak while in Finland, where people would wear them just about anywhere and find it absolutely appropriate. Yes, I do understand that sweatpants are comfortable and all, but do you really have to wear them while grocery shopping or running errands in town? Can’t people put on a pair of jeans instead? What is it with sweatpants that are also usually completely torn up and holey? You can only imagine what a bunch of contradicting thoughts came to my mind when I saw these red pants in the store. Yet, I had to get them. In their defence, and ultimately in mine, they are made of a wonderful silky fabric and anyway, who can say no to a pair of comfortable bright red pants with blue stripes on the side? I couldn’t. Have I crossed over to the dark side?

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October 16, 2013

Inspired by a Ladybug

RED AND THEN SOME DOTS. I guess the title says it all. Whenever I wear red dresses, which honestly only happens so often, I have the urge to combine them with polka dot tights. Actually, I’ve sported this kind of outfit on couple of dates. Judging by the outcome of both of them I probably shouldn’t go for this combination anymore. Are men intimidated by red and polka dots? Are men intimidated by ladybugs? However that may be, I do love the combination and see no reason to put a hold on this look.

You also probably noticed that I’ve done something with my hair, which honestly only happens so often as well. Most of the time I just wear my hair down. Often do I get asked how many hours I need to straighten it. The truth is that I have not a single curl or even the tiniest wave in my hair. On a normal day I don’t spend more than 30 seconds on my hairdo. In fact, I only brush it and that’s it. Alright, occasionally there is the odd ponytail or bun, but I’m not good at hairdos that require a lot of patience. Too much fussing and, to say it outright, my arms simply start hurting as soon as I hold them up for more than 20 seconds – or even less. Long story short, this time I wanted to try wet look, which I hear is super trendy. It’s simple enough to do within less than a minute and I think it’s a perfect way to spice up my usual hairdo.

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October 14, 2013

The Ramones T-Shirt Series III

GLAM IT UP. So here is the third installment of “The Ramones T-Shirt Series”. I blatantly took inspiration from the 80s glam rock movement. Even though one might argue that The Ramones’ music and attitude don’t really go together with anything that’s glam and glitter, I do think that from a fashion point of view punk rock and glam rock can build a very interesting synergy. 80s glam rock bands, particularly Hanoi Rocks, have always fascinated me. It really takes some guts to make such bold fashion choices and sport crazy hairstyles that are heavy on the teasing and hairspray. After all, not every man thinks that it’s a good idea to wear glittery suit jackets, animal print vests, and tighter-than-tight leather pants in every colour of the rainbow. Quite frankly, not every man should wear it, either. Some men, like for instance Michael Monroe or Andy McCoy, simply own this look and you see that it’s a reflection of their personal lifestyle as well as their on-stage persona. Thumbs up!

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October 6, 2013

My Jump on the Checked Bandwagon

AUTUMN COLLECTIONS. When I saw Zara’s autumn lookbook and the H&M Paris Collection I knew that my wardrobe was about to get two new companions: a gorgeous pair of leather over-the-knee boots and a blue checked lingerie style dress. By combining these two items with my go-to beanie and throwing over a coat with a simple cut to add structure, a perfect outfit for a sunny autumn day out was born. May I also draw your attention to these amazing cross earrings I got from Asos last year. How cool are they?

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October 3, 2013

Eyes On Patterns

PATTERN MANIAC. This summer the shops were filled with all sort of patterned clothes. Whatever your pattern-loving heart desired, whether it being flowers, abstract shapes, or like in this case landscape imagery, you were probably able to find and love it. I have never been particularly fond of printed pants. Oh wait, I take that back. I do remember wearing some (I swear I thought it was trendy back then) yellow & black plaid flares when I was in my early teenage years and what I would call the beginning of my fashion-confused years. Little did I know that a few more troubling years of fashion and hair mishaps were still ahead of me. But more on that some other time!

Back to the topic at hand: the vibrant purple, blue, and turquoise shades of these trousers really got to me and I made a decision right then and there in the store. I bought them and never looked back. Did it get me hooked? You bet. That purchase resulted in me buying a couple of other pants with really nice flower patterns later this summer. Well, what can I say? I have no regrets.

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