December 4, 2014

Culture Calendar London – December


THAT TIME OF THE YEAR. It’s officially Christmas time everyone! And just because the weather is cooling down doesn’t mean your social life can’t heat up. Like every month, I have selected interesting gigs, exhibitions and events to give you some inspiration on what to do in London throughout December. This month is pretty exhibition heavy, because opera and ballet are super popular during pre-Christmas season and tickets are unfortunately already sold out for most shows. I know it’s a bummer, but not to worry, luckily the city has so much more to offer. Check out my picks below!
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November 30, 2014

Advent Sunday

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 15.51.06

CHRISTMAS WISHES. Now, can we talk about this All Saints biker jacket, please? The deep burgundy colour, the silhouette, the grain effect?! Plus the sleeves are removable. So not only do you get a gorgeous sleek biker jacket, you also get a cool waistcoat. All I am wondering is how I can justify this expense, because let’s face it, it’s not the cheapest leather jacket out there. Then again, this biker jacket is definitely an investment piece, isn’t it? IS IT? Ah, I’m getting out my quill and ink to draft a letter to Santa as we speak…

November 27, 2014


A DREAM COME TRUE. I can’t even tell you for how long I’ve been lusting over platinum blonde hair. I’ve always liked to experiment with different cuts and colours. And yes, of course I also went through a troubled teenage phase where all I wanted was a head of dreadlocks. You can imagine that my mom was less than thrilled. It’s safe to say that she hasn’t been that shocked in like ever when she first saw the mess on my head she once called hair. But I didn’t give her (or my ballet teacher for that matter) a break – no, nope. From then on I regularly sported pretty much every colour you can imagine.
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November 26, 2014

Window Shopping

Crush of the day

NEW CATEGORY. Yup, you guessed right. In this new category I share with you a piece of clothing, jewelry, furniture or whatever else catches my eye. Last weekend I went on a window shopping spree and fell (amongst many other pieces) head over heels for this Rita skirt by Coast. Perfect for Christmas season, don’t you think? Just imagine it combined with a chunky white knit or a simple silky blouse and some dainty jewelry… there are endless options to give this stunning piece the attention it deserves.

November 25, 2014

On Repeat


INDIE POP. It’s no secret that Finland is known as the land of metal and rock music. And while this very fact is exactly what I love about the music scene there, it’s good to come across a fun pop act with international appeal once in a while. Case in point: Finnish/French indie pop duo The Dø. I can’t believe that I haven’t heard of them before, but better late than never. I highly recommend you give their new album Shake Shook Shaken a listen. And if you live in France, Switzerland or Belgium then you’re in luck, because Olivia and Dan are on tour throughout December.

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November 6, 2014

Culture Calendar London – November


OFF TO FINLAND YET AGAIN. Oh boy, another month that went by without a single post. And yet again, it is time to pack my bags and fly over to Finland for a couple of weeks. Though, this time it’s mainly for professional reasons. I started managing an artist who I’m quite excited about, so my schedule is all filled up with meetings with record label people, video directors, photographers, booking agents and promoters. Fun times ahead!

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October 2, 2014

Culture Calendar London – October


LAST YEAR IN OCTOBER. Oh Athens, how wonderfully you treated us a year ago. Swapping grey London for this gorgeous city dipped in golden light sounds very tempting right now. But I don’t want to complain. Great things are ahead and I couldn’t be any more excited about October. As per usual, in the beginning of each month, here is a brand new culture calendar. Yet again, London offers so many fabulous productions, events and exhibitions, that it is hard to choose where and how to spend your precious free time.

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September 27, 2014

On Repeat


FINNISH FOLK. Still in need of a nice tune for the weekend? Then check out up-and-coming Finnish singer/songwriter Eetu Floor‘s new album Ystävät (Friends) and let yourself transport into a mellow soundscape with sweet melodies and an absolutely stunning voice. His song Kotitalo (Home) is my favourite up-tempo number, but make sure to listen to the entire album. You can find it both on iTunes and Spotify. Unfortunately, I am not able to go to his record release on the 4th October as I’m in London, but if you’re in Helsinki next Saturday, grab a ticket to his show. Enjoy your weekend!

September 26, 2014


FOG ON THE ROCKS. Tadaa… here is a new set of photos that I am especially proud of. We wanted to try something else for a change and go all arty. Colourful smoke? Yes, please! During our days somewhere in the Finnish woods we had some time on our hands and had the chance to experiment a little. Not only with the smoke, but also with a new lens. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

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